About Us

About Us


Siam Inter Auction Co., Ltd was established in 2004. We are a comprehensive auction company, which holds an auctioneer and agent licenses specialising in automobiles, real estate and agricultural machinery. In addition, we auction a wide variety of other items, including boats, industrial equipment and miscellaneous goods. We auction both new and used property. Our auction facilities have been developed to draw professional sellers and buyers together.

The result of developing our expertise and implementing strategic plan for a one stop service to meet the business’s growing needs and success, Siam Inter Auction 

is now launching SIA Property Consulting. This new service offers professional real estate brokerage, commercial property auctions, property consulting and tenancy management for individuals, 

corporations and investors, including proactive marketing and sales through online and offline channels and a direct sales model that meet the eligibility requirements for clients and partners. 



SIA Property Consulting is a property agency and consultancy based in Thailand specialising in the central business districts of Bangkok and other metropolitan areas in Phuket, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. We offer a comprehensive range of services for both individual and corporate clients. We also provide services to many corporations, developers, entrepreneurs, government entities and financial institutions nationwide. We are proud to be the authorised agent of Krung Thai Bank and other developers and has secured the rights to manage and expose their exclusive properties and products locally, regionally and globally through our sale and marketing activities. We also distribute in conjunction with select international agent partners from the property sectors in Asia and Europe to offer a wide range of luxury condos, apartments, penthouses, villas, houses and offices available for rent and for sales across the globe.

We are driven by the desire to deliver real estate solutions and reliable services to ensure that we satisfy customers’ needs for excellent locations, excellent value, consistently high build quality and capital appreciation, while minimising risk. We deliver customised services and solutions by actively advising, implementing and managing on behalf of developers, landlords, tenants and investors through every stage of the real estate process. Our services are simply categorised to serve different real estate needs.